Quantum Total Wellness Centre Limited (Medical Centre) was incorporated on 23rd October, 2014 and began official business on 29th August, 2015, to trade in alternative medicine. The Centre undertakes several business unit activities. Among them are:

We have the following service areas.

Natural Medical Centre

The Centre astutely specializes in curing critical ailments in areas such as low sperm counts, infertility, sexual weakness, fibroid, diabetes, prostate complications, hypertension and malaria ailments. Also, on offer is nutritional and dietary services.

The Centre has a Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System diagnostic machine, a bio feed system that gathers information from electrodes attached to the body of the patient which provides a precise picture of client’s (patient) general physiological and anatomical status. A report is printed, provided for onward doctor’s further diagnostic analysis and the relevant prescription of medicines proffered by the doctor. The Natural Medical doctors use this information and the client’s health complaints to determine further courses of treatment, through massage / manual therapy, natural medicine prescription, advice or further laboratory investigations.

 In certain respects, fuller detoxification, massage and pain relief therapies are advised, which our Facility have them all. This gives us competitive advantage over others.


Human anatomy and physiological make up is designed such that toxins cannot be absent in it. Our bodies are affected by daily activity, vehicular fumes and natural physiological adjustments that expose humans to toxins. This medical menace has prompted Quantum to employ a detoxification machine that gets rid of toxics from body.

Among some of the benefits that are derived from the detox are: boosting your energy level; ridding the body of any excess waste; helping  with weight loss; giving strong immune system; improving hair skin composure; helping in clear thinking ; and acts as an impetus for anti-ageing benefits.

Quantum Pendants

This is a Japanese technology designed for the tropical physiological and anatomical human configurations. The scientific mechanics  and the advantages of the product - the pendant - slows the process of ageing, rejuvenates and revitalizes the body, boosts the immune system, reduces stress, anxiety, negativity, depression and increase positive outlook.

Radiation Sticker

The product is an anti-radiation repellant product that fights against internal toxins in the body.

This sticker protects you from all forms of negative radiation related emissions from mobile phones, TV, air conditioners, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, fridges and all other electromagnetic gadgets.

Medical Laboratory

The Clinic has an ultra-modern laboratory that is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus. Chief among the tests conducted at the Outfit are malaria, blood chemistry, kidney, liver, cholesterol loads, blood sugar, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis B, C, D, typhoid, HIV among others.

Massage and Pain Therapy Unit

The Unit catres for pain related conditions, relaxation and clinical massage for clients, who either visits the Facility either for clinical adventure or for casual therapy. The Unit also looks at trauma management needs of clients.

Quantum Eye Clinic

Quantum Eye Clinic is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered on 18th April, 2018. The rationale for the Clinic to be an NGO is to offer nominal and affordable service delivery to our clients, who are capped in the upper middle class, middle class and average class demography of clientele base.

To serve humanity better and to reach out to large clientele coverage, the Clinic is striving to attract local and international NGOs and donors to help in equipment, technical assistance and financial package to deepen our operational competency and a stronger service outlook. On the strength of this vision, medical outreaches and community service form key component of our activity that certifies us as a responsible social citizen in the community and the metropolis at large.

The Clinic is competent in treating eye conditions such as cataracts, pterygium and pterygium with graft, lid repair, interior chamber washout, corneal repair and corneal scraping, among others.

The Clinic prides itself in qualitative service for ophthalmic and general eye care services. Deteriorating eye conditions have been a bane to humanity for innumerable years that has plagued humanity all the time. A careful research into Ghana’s eye care conditions and problem has shown that glaucoma is silently blinding reasonable portion of the populace. It is against this backdrop that Quantum Eye Clinic has a complete and competent Eye Care set up. The focus of the Clinic is generally offering services in general consultation, optical shop for frames and lenses, quality eye drugs, not forgetting surgery, which is manned a an Indian ophthalmologist.

Optical Shop

The facility houses optical shop that trades in all manner of frames and lenses. Prices are affordable but quality is never compromised. Acclaimed brands have been sourced from astute manufacturers and worldwide trade partners to satisfy our customers.

Key among the frames on offer are Versace, Gucci, Rayban, Bulgari, Tomford, Kalvin Klein, SK, Louis Viton, Channel, Fendi, Swarovski, Prada, Nike, Emporia, Amani, Tiffany & Co, Burberry and D&G

Also, in stock for sale are lenses that are trending for group style, individual lifestyle and also for medical fit. They include Blue Ray lenses, lenses for night driving, photochromic with antiglare coated lenses and transitions, among others.