Quantum Eye Clinic is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered on 18th April, 2018. The rationale for the Clinic to be an NGO is to offer nominal and affordable service delivery to our clients, who are capped in the upper middle class, middle class and average class demography of clientele base.

To serve humanity better and to reach out to large clientele coverage, the Clinic is striving to attract local and international NGOs and donors to help in equipment, technical assistance and financial package to deepen our operational competency and a stronger service outlook. On the strength of this vision, medical outreaches and community service form key component of our activity that certifies us as a responsible social citizen in the community and the metropolis at large.

The Clinic is competent in treating eye conditions such as cataracts, pterygium and pterygium with graft, lid repair, interior chamber washout, corneal repair and corneal scraping, among others.

The Clinic prides itself in qualitative service for ophthalmic and general eye care services. Deteriorating eye conditions have been a bane to humanity for innumerable years that has plagued humanity all the time. A careful research into Ghana’s eye care conditions and problem has shown that glaucoma is silently blinding reasonable portion of the populace. It is against this backdrop that Quantum Eye Clinic has a complete and competent Eye Care set up. The focus of the Clinic is generally offering services in general consultation, optical shop for frames and lenses, quality eye drugs, not forgetting surgery, which is manned a an Indian ophthalmologist.