The Centre astutely specializes in curing critical ailments in areas such as low sperm counts, infertility, sexual weakness, fibroid, diabetes, prostate complications, hypertension and malaria ailments. Also, on offer is nutritional and dietary services.

The Centre has a Scientific Consciousness Interface Operating System diagnostic machine, a bio feed system that gathers information from electrodes attached to the body of the patient which provides a precise picture of client’s (patient) general physiological and anatomical status. A report is printed, provided for onward doctor’s further diagnostic analysis and the relevant prescription of medicines proffered by the doctor. The Natural Medical doctors use this information and the client’s health complaints to determine further courses of treatment, through massage / manual therapy, natural medicine prescription, advice or further laboratory investigations.

 In certain respects, fuller detoxification, massage and pain relief therapies are advised, which our Facility have them all. This gives us competitive advantage over others.