Dr Kofi Ghartey – Managing Director

Dr. Kofi Ghartey the Managing Director is a naturopathic medical doctor, a consultant specialist in contact lenses, and a consulting optician.

He is a trained doctor from Canada, has worked in Canada for over twenty-five years in various practice, ranging from private to public practice. He did his optician and contact lenses specialty course at Ryerson University and University of Waterloo respectively all in Canada.

Dr. Ghartey being an entrepreneur, practised privately in Canada in contact lens consultancy, supplied contact lenses to most clinics in Toronto. He is also a trainer and educator in optical and eye care services.

He was a member of the Board of Optician Licensure Examination that sets standard, supervises, interviews and assesses graduates to acquire practising license.

At Seneca College also in Canada, he lectured in contact lens programmes, optical pathology and management of clinical optics, slit lamp, bio microscope evaluation, assessment and patient care.

Dr. Ghartey returned from Canada in the year 2000 to establish Sight for Africa Clinic situated at Darkuman in Accra to seek eye care service delivery for the people.

 He chairs the Board of Directors of the Clinic, acts as President and is the Liaison Director between Ghana and Canada, USA.

Dr. Ghartey has participated in many national and international conferences in Canada, USA, Germany, India and others. His research interest areas are contact lenses, corneal topography measurement, natural healing of chronic diseases. He is an expert in treating these ailments – diabetes, hypertension, strokes and infertility.

His rapt expertise in clinical opticals mandated him to lecture at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, at the optical/eye department. He tutors students both undergraduate and post graduate levels.  

Dr. Ghartey has participated in many national and international conferences in Canada, USA, Germany, India and others. His research interest areas are contact lenses, corneal topography measurement, natural healing of chronic diseases. He is an expert in treating these ailments – diabetes, hypertension, strokes and infertility.

Mr. Samuel Baidoo – General Manager

Before assumption of the Quantum General Manager post, Mr. Samuel Baidoo worked for the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations for 31 years, retiring as a Senior Field Administrator in 2013.  His over 20 assignments took him to all the continents of the world, mostly to war torn countries or countries in condition of extreme social instability consequent upon prior military or political instability, including India-Pakistan (Kashmir), Iran and Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Haiti, Lebanon, Angola, DR Congo, Cambodia, Ethiopia-Eritrea, Sierra Leone.  During this period he experienced upheavals which resulted in mass evacuation or isolation of UN personnel on four occasions – marooned in Kampong Cham, Cambodia following electoral defeat of ruling party by the opposition in 1992; from Sierra Leone to Guinea after invasion of rebels to Freetown (1999); Kabul, Afghanistan to Kuwait following order to reduce non-essential staff after Taliban operation in Kabul which killed 5 UN staffers, including one Ghanaian (2010); Goma, DR Congo to Entebbe, Uganda after invasion of M23 rebels (2013).  He was involved in management of evacuees under these emergency circumstances in the safe locations.  He also escaped unhurt from the Baghdad bombing of 2003 which killed 23 UN peacekeeping staff, including the Head of Mission.

Mr. Baidoo served in the Ghana Civil Service and was Private Secretary to the Senior Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Health until 1976 when he was seconded to the West African Health Community (formerly West African Health Secretariat, under the Commonwealth Secretariat) as a Personal Assistant to the Executive Director and Conference Secretary of the Anglophone sub-regional cooperation group on health (comprising Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Gambia), later subsumed under ECOWAS as the West African Health Office (WAHO), now headquartered in Bobo Diolassou in Burkina Faso.  He moved to the WHO Africa Region 1 headquarters in Lagos during his last (sixth) year in Lagos as an administrative staff, involved in scholarship administration until September 1982 when he joined UN peacekeeping, with initial assignment to United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr. Baidoo has an MBA with the University of Leicester, England (2006) and certificates in a variety of undergraduate courses, including Certificate in Administration and Management (2000), World Bank Consultancy (2003), Entrepreneurship (2014), Marketing (2014), all from GIMPA.  He was selected from a shortlist of 80 participants worldwide into an eventual 20-strong UN Peacekeeping staff for Leadership training in New York (2001), and Brindisi (Italy) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (2002) in the UN’s pioneer programme on management staff succession.

Mr. Eric Oduro – Accountant

Mr. Eric Oduro is the Accountant of the Company. He has vast experience in financial accounting, audit, tax, management accounting and forensic accounting. He has worked with Kristo Asafo Mission; Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants on secondment to Rabito Clinic, Shell Ghana Limited on management training programme and had a stint with Standard Chartered Bank.

He is a pioneer Co-founder and first Registrar of Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants-Ghana in 2012 that specializes in tax accounting, accounting and taxation education.

 As a financial consultant, he has consulted for organizations such as forex bureaus, clinics, hotels, schools, commercial sachet water companies, advertising companies and cold stores, among others.

He acts as a tax consultant for institutions. He is a Certified Credit Administrator from Chartered Institute of Credit Managing, Ghana. He has rich experience in professional education mostly in chartered professional courses in practical accounting, taxation, marketing, forensic accounting and credit management.

Mr. Oduro is the Founder for Institute of Tax Law and Forensic Accountants, an Institute unique in the sub-region that specializes in tax, law and forensic accounting issues. He also lectures forensic accounting and audit, public sector accounting, financial reporting and tax law at the Institute located formerly at Wisconsin University College and Institute of Local Government Studies in Accra.

He has taught at Methodist University College; Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants; Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana; Chartered Institute of Credit Management, Ghana; Academy of Business Administration; and Trans Africa College. He currently teaches on part time basis at Institute of Tax Law and Forensic Accountants, Ghana.

As a lecturer, he taught  financial aspects of marketing at Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana from 1998 to 2004  where  he won “The Best Lecturer Award” in 2002, in recognition of his rare talent and skill in teaching, dedication and punctuality to duty.

Mr. Oduro, having diverse backgrounds, is also a journalist and linguistics expert, published Baro Media newspaper in 2006 as a pilot project, focusing more on personality and business technology.

 He acted as the chief finance officer and as business advisor at Ghana New Ventures Competition, an NGO specializing in funding and organizing business plan competition, between 2003 and 2004.

He has written in a number of projects, including  financial administration in local government; assessing tax compliance behavior of selected self-employed professionals; business entrepreneurship; how to set up successful business; evaluating growth of Ghana Cotton Company Limited; analyzing business performance of private tertiary education, case study – Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana, etc.

Mr. Oduro holds MPhil in accounting from University of Ghana Business School. He holds two first degrees in Bachelor of Science in Accounting from GIMPA; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Linguistics from University of Ghana; ACCA Part qualified, UK; HND in Accounting from Accra Polytechnic; Certified Credit Administrator (CCA) and Chartered Credit Professional from Chartered Institute of Credit Management, Ghana; Certificate in Journalism (feature writing and broadcast journalism) from Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK. Mr. Oduro holds LLB (Law degree) from the Law Faculty, GIMPA, Accra.